Our Ingredients

We think it’s our ingredients and how we make it that makes our Yockenthwaite Granola so special:


OUR OATS are rolled fresh from the groat just prior to cooking and we do this ourselves. It’s an extra process we know, but we believe it makes a huge difference both nutritionally and to flavour, just think about freshly ground coffee or spices, there’s no comparison, fresh is best!

OUR FLOUR, either wheat or *spelt is stoneground wholegrain, milled for us on a regular basis and we get both from East Yorkshire farms; wholegrain because it’s got all the goodness still in there, nothing taken out, but more importantly, nothing added back in!
(*Spelt grain is an ancient grain and forerunner of modern wheat.  A cross between Emmer wheat & Goat grass and favoured by many people for it’s flavour and digestibility. Spelt was known by the Roman Legionnaires as ‘the marching grain’ which probably says quite a lot about it’s properties!)

RAW HONEY and olive oil are then mixed together, these are the binding ingredients, and apart from a sprinkling of sesame seeds, a smidgen of Madagascan vanilla and a pinch of sea salt, that’s it, the base.

WE’VE 3 DIFFERENT VARIETIES, two with nuts and one plain. The Not so Sweet varieties are sweetened with just the raw honey and we add some un-refined light muscovado sugar to the Original Nutty, it’s only a little, but we love the richness and fudgy flavour it adds.


Our Ingredients